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Bare Furniture

 4747 Rte 209, Accord, New York 12404 . like us on Facebook!   (845) 626.0061

Store Hours:
[  Monday- Friday 10:30-6:00   ]        [  Saturday 10:30-5:00  ]        [  Sunday  11:00-3:00  ]    CLOSED TUESDAYS

About Our Family

I'm Sarah Weaver. My father, Alex Kambouris, started making furniture before I was born and one of my earliest memories is the smell of wood. I grew up in his shop. The school bus would drop me off there, and I'd go in the back and try to "help". (He'd give me wood scraps and let me drill them full of holes and bang them together with nails and screws.)My childhood projects weren't successes........ but they did help instill in me the family love and appreciation of fine craftsmanship. I was proud when Dad chose me to run Bare Furniture, which our family opened in response to customer requests. The store has that fresh, clean wood smell I've always loved, and it's the first thing customers comment on! Today, my twins, Nikolas & Zoey along with my Nephew, Alexios are able to be apart of the memories my brother and I were raised with. They come to work on a daily basis and are another great experience when shopping at Bare Furniture. And one day, they will be the individuals introducing themselves on the opening paragraph of our "About Us" page. 

My mother and I select each piece personally, and there's always something new. We look for the highest quality available for the best price. If we don't have what you need, my father's shop, A&G Custom Made Furniture, is right next door! My father and brother work hand and hand in crafting custom made furniture. They also do all of Bare Furniture's deliveries, installations, finishing and assembly.

Our family is certified real wood furniture specialists so ask us about different woods and their characteristics, and let an expert finish your furniture for you.

We Offer Our Customers A Finishing Service:                                                   Clear, Stain, Paint & Two-Tone Finishing Service.


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4747 us highway 209, accord, ny 12404

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